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my insides are made of copper
i'd kill to have them gold.
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24 Jan 2014(no subject)
as; terrible face
friends only

I don't update my journal anymore, but feel free to add me if you'd like anyways!

p&r; leslie cute

His name is Ian Burnet. He's 5'10" with green eyes and curly brown hair. more info here @ New York Missing Persons Site.

Ian was last seen in NYC around 139th street and Riverside Avenue. No one has heard from him since December 30th. His family and friends would like him to return safely, so this is being spread around so that if anyone has ANY information can come forward. If you or someone you know has seen Ian, please contact Detective Sanchez or Det. Davis, or Sgt Greene at the 30th Precinct 451 W 151st St. 212-690-8842.

If you are on Tumblr, please do me and his family a huge favor and reblog this post. I want as many eyes as possible to see this.

If you have a Facebook, please join the Find Ian Burnet Facebook group
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